Terms & Conditions For Franchise

Terms & Conditions For Franchise are following:-

  • Company shall supply the stock to your firm as per the latest price list of the company.
  • With the areas given below, your monthly minimum purchase will be of Rs.20,000 for per territory/district.
  • In case you fail to achieve the target, the company has the right to terminate your Franchisee agreement with three months notice.
  • In case you are found to supply stocks to any territory other than those allocated to you, Company reserves the right to terminate your Franchisee agreement instantly.
  • You are also responsible for any stocks transferred / sold through any of your stockist/sub stockist/retailers to any other territory other than those assigned to you, under such circumstances also your agreement with the company will be terminated.
  • You need to send the advance draft /transfer payment directly to company s a/c for purchasing the goods and Company requires minimum of 5-12 days time to execute the orders after receipt of payment.
  • This agreement will remain in force for the period of 5 year from the date of signing of the agreement. This can be renewed on the basis of your performance for another term of 5 years and so on.
  • The code of your area is intimated to after  signing of agreement
  • Other than the E.S.I. hospital(s) and government / semi government Institutions Company will not supply stocks to any other stockist in your assigned areas
  • As you will get the stock from our all India consignee agent HONS PHARMACEUTICALS,BATALA so, any dispute pertaining to this agreement will be in the “BATALA Jurisdiction” only.
  • This agreement can be terminated by either party by giving two months notice.
  • Any new product manufactured in the Company in future, will be promoted by you in your assigned territories.
  • You are hereby assigned the following Areas/Territories/District.
  • Company shall not accept any expiry/breakage etc.
  • However if any production fault is there company will replace the product with the same product.
  • Company will supply all the goods through C.S.T. only for outer states.
  • You will provide C-form otherwise company will debit 10% to your account.

Email Us For Franchise:- franchise@elmer.co.in